Inside ‘POSTPOSTPOST: Reflections on a New Avant-garde’, is a wealth of attempts to capture a kind of contemporary literature and scholarship that expresses a general dissatisfaction towards the self-effacing on-going lore and neologism-coining/brand narratives of “end times” that the intelligentsias often indulge. Three ‘canonical’ essays by co-editor Al Hassan Elwan are supplemented by contributions from over 30 artists, designers, academics and thinkers. Shumon Basar generates a poem from the depths of the DMs. Abdullah Al Mutairi looks at the true weirdos and burnouts of Gulfie internet. Idil Galip, lecturer in New Media and Digital Culture at the University of Amsterdam opines on memes: As Above, So Below. Brussels-based artist and researcher Rojda Yavuz proclaims that the revolution is an aesthetic, often mediated to us via a screen. Dream Boy Bookclub dreamer Jonathan Fostar compiles a list of…what is the opposite of recommendations? Co-editor Ruba Al-Sweel writes on the greatest trash can: ideology but make it fashun. Carolina Busta, Emmalea Russo and Trashy Clothing join us for a rapid-fire Q&A. Meanwhile, we’ve slid into the DMs of Shumon Basar, Jack Self, Adina Glickstein, Ana Viktoria Dzinic, Charlie Robin Jones, Daniel Felstead, Isabel Millar, Günseli Yalcinkaya, Jak Ritger, Katharina Korbjuhn, Leïth Benkhedda, Lilly Markaki, Mat Dryhurst, Most Dismal Swamp, Nate Sloan, Rachel Bennett, Rhianna Cohen, Romy Gad El Rab, Ryan Scavnicky, Sam Radford, Sandra Rafman and Shanu Walpita.